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Who We Serve

The Riding Store serves all ages and levels of riding. Everything from your beginner summer camp rider to your A show rider. Our knowledgeable and experienced equestrian staff can help you or your students with every need.

For beginner riders – We can start you in your first pair of paddock boots and breeches. Helmets are an important part of staying safe and our staff is trained in fitting you properly for one. We also have a Ready to Ride coupon to help you get started check out our special promotions page!

For the horse owner – From shampoos to blankets we offer the best variety of products. We also offer a year round blanket cleaning service so you can keep your horse feeling fresh. Don’t forget the most important part we carry a variety of horse treats to fit your horse’s needs!

For the trainer and barn manager – Making sure your students have proper equipment is a must. Here at The Riding Store we can help them be ready for their lessons and shows. We enjoy working with trainers and students to help you have the best riding experience.

For the competitive rider – Whether you are going to a schooling show or a rated show we have a variety of brands ranging in price to fit your needs. We can fit you properly to ensure you and your horse look perfect for show day.

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